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From the small coffee shop to the global retail chain, SocialScreen is for everyone.

Use video, weather, social media, news, Microsoft, Google or your own custom content in your own custom layout. It's all integrated in SocialScreen! Publish your content in any size or format from a single device, to any number of screens, to anywhere in the world.

And up your content game with automatic dependencies that adapts to external variables, like the weather.

Want to save time, create better content and see your sales go up? We got you!

Digital Signage Pricing

Build your own perfect product bundle:

For the first 30 days, gain access to EVERYTHING we have to offer FOR FREE and build your own perfect bundle of integrations. After 30 days you assemble your own product bundle, and only pay for what you need. This makes us able to deliver a product which is not only prize competitive, but also the best product on the market.

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For those who wants simple digital signage simple with content like images and videos. Forever free!


  • One device
  • One user
  • One playlist
  • One layout
  • Images
  • Videos (720p)
  • Watermarked

Create for free

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Perfect for those who wants simple content and a good way to manage their digital signage!

Everything in FREE, plus:

  • Upto 10 devices
  • 3 users
  • Videos in 1080p
  • Remove watermark
  • Scheduling
  • Social Media
  • Wide variety of content

Free trial for 30 days

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The perfect solution for bigger organizations who needs the best fleet management of their devices.

Everything in BUSINESS, plus:

  • ∞ devices
  • ∞ users
  • ∞ playlists
  • ∞ layouts
  • 3 organization levels
  • All the premium content
  • Possible custom SLA
  • The best fleet management!

Free trial for 30 days

Digital Signage for Retail

Digital Signage forretail

With digital signage in your store you can increase both sales and customer experience!

Digital Signage for Companies

Digital Signage forcompanies

Digital signage is an effective way to give information to your employees!

Digital Signage for Bars and Restaurants

Digital Signage forbars & restaurants

Screens in the bar or the restaurant can help create extra atmosphere!

Digital Signage for Public Services

Digital Signage forpublic services

With a massive need for information flow, monitors can be an effective aid!

Digital Signage at Trade Shows

Digital Signage attrade shows

Our solution is portable and easy to carry around at trade shows!

Digital Signage for Chain Stores

Digital Signage forchain stores

Our software is designed to adapt the needs of the business!

Key features:


Høyskolen Kristiania

The challenge: Høyskolen Kristiania is constantly growing and needs to get out important information to their students, employees and visitors. Høyskolen has 10 buildings in Oslo and 2 in Bergen, and every building wanted to display both common and individual information. The need for a simple and effective software with their design was strongly present..

Our solution: By using a slide that is predesigned in SocialScreen, it became easy for the customer to plot information and add an image. In that way they always stick to the structure they want to display on the screen.

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Klargjøring, Nardo Bil

Hotell Frøya

The challenge: Hotell Frøya wanted to show their meeting rooms , as well as advertisements on the screens. It should also be easy for their employees to update the content..

Our solution: We did this by dividing one screen in two, where meeting room slide was used on one side and advertising on the other. "We are very pleased with the solution they have chosen for us and the adjustments that have been made to suit our use in the best possible way."

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Klargjøring, Nardo Bil

Norske Skog

The challenge: Norske Skog Skogn wanted to improve internal communication to its employees, such as HSE..

Our solution: There was initially talk of digital signage in the common areas, but they quickly saw the need for digital signage in other places as well. They now have good opportunities to reach out to all employees, both those who work shifts (weekend / night) and daytime.

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Klargjøring, Nardo Bil

Nardo Volvo Dealership

The challenge: We had several screens in our premises that were more or less digital work surfaces. Some of theses were touch screens with for example a car configurator (Build your Volvo) or a screen to explore accessories. We needed to combine what the importer requires from us, and what we wanted to display our selves..

Our solution: Digital signs showing advertisements, campaigns and other content, until you touch the screen, then it becomes a work surface. Another solution SocialScreen fixed for us was a screen (75 ") we have in the hall where we deliver cars to the customers. This screen ran product demonstration videos in loop. Here we wanted the seller and customer to choose which video to display on screen.

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Klargjøring, Nardo Bil

“We perceive SocialScreen as a forward-looking, solution-oriented, efficient and highly competent provider of digital signage. They have solved years of challenges we have had at hand.”

Trond Ivar Fiske Pedersen

Trond Ivar Fiske Pedersen

Nardo Bil

- one of Norways largest car dealerships

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