Altera Infrastructure

Altera Infrastructure AS is a Norwegian industry company who provide critical infrastructure assets to the offshore energy industry. Their fleet consists of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading units, Shuttle Tankers, Long-distance towing and Offshore installation vessels as well as a unit for maintenance and safety. Their strong culture is built upon team values, and guides them to make sustainable choices and creating lasting results.

How did you come across SocialScreen?

“We were hunting for a signage solution, and came across SocialScreen. We were in contact with several different digital signage softwares, but ultimately the choice came down to SocialScreen.” said Kristian Solheim, the System Specialist of Altera Infrastructure. Kristian goes on to say the reason they decided to go with SocialScreen is because the solution itself was technical but simple, the company was approachable and friendly, as well as the local affiliation of being a Norwegian company.


What problem were you trying to solve? Why choose digital signage to begin with?

“We wanted to spread internal information in our offices. We tried a homemade solution for a while, but it didn’t work well when it came to administration as not every employee was super tech-savvy. SocialScreen had a simple user interface as well as easy administration which made the choice easy.”

Today they use the digital signage screens in their offices to display internal communication, health and safety routines and production data as well as other general information.

What is the primary problem that SocialScreen solves for you today? What value does it give your business?

“Easier access to information” says Kristian. In a business with a lot of employees, keeping everyone informed on crucial information is very important. Digital Signage is the perfect solution for this kind of problem, as studies show you are 4 times as likely to retain information from a digital screen than a traditional poster. SocialScreen helps Altera with simple user interfaces and great technology to allow them to spread their information internally without issue.

As part of their core focus as a company, making sustainable choices is also a big reason they went with digital signage as their solution to the problems they were having. Using digital signage helps them cut unnecessary waste through paper signage or transport vehicles and CO2 emission from this.

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