Nardo Volvo Dealership

“We have several screens in our premises that are more or less digital work surfaces. That is, touch screens with, for example, a car configurator (Build your Volvo), accessories web where customers can browse and explore the range of equipment and accessories for their car, as well as screens where the customer or staff choose which video to display. Several of these screens are requirements from our importer.”

“We wanted to further develop these display solutions where, for example, the car configurators would also function as a digital sign when the car configurator was not in use. Here, a lot of digital signage providers fell short, as such “combi” solutions were often difficult to set up.”

“After we got in touch with SocialScreen, we were quickly presented and demonstrated solutions that fixed our challenges. Got instant access to a demo user and quickly confirmed their solution worked great for us.”

“Nowadays we have digital signs showing advertisements, campaigns and other content, until you touch the screen, then it becomes a work surface where you can build your own car, or browse through equipment and accessories. If the screen is inactive for more than 5 minutes, it will restart with the advertising view.”

“Another solution SocialScreen fixed for us was a screen (75 “) we have in the hall where we deliver cars to the customers. This screen ran product demonstration videos in loop. Here we wanted the seller and customer to choose which video to display on screen.”

“Example: The screen (75 “) runs its usual loop of videos. The seller delivers a car to the customer and the customer wonders how the automatic emergency braking system works.”

“Instead of the seller explaining this to the customer, the seller now goes to a small screen (iPad size) where the seller finds a video explaining the emergency braking system. When the seller touches the video on the small screen, the screen (75 “) jumps directly to and displays the video that the seller wants. When this video is complete, the screen (75 “) returns to its normal loop. Then the seller can choose another video to show if they want.”

“The solution mentioned above was something SocialScreen had not offered or set up earlier. This proved to be no challenge for SocialScreen. After a few days they had set up this solution, tested it and demonstrated it to us. The solution worked exactly as intended. We at Nardo Car perceive SocialScreen as a forward-looking, solution-oriented, efficient and highly competent provider of digital signage (and digital work surfaces). They have solved all the challenges we have had in recent years.”

“The fact that we quickly and easily get customized solutions that suit us is very important in the choice of supplier. Competitive prices and local affiliation are also a plus. If you have any questions about the solutions we have, just contact me:”

Trond Ivar Fiske Pedersen 
Nardo Volvo Cars