Digital Signage Retail

Digital Signage for Retail Stores

Target your communication with new and old customers by using digital signage. It is both time-saving and cost-saving to publish on screen instead of the old advertising posters. Use of digital signage will increase the sales, make it easier to promote campaigns and offers and to build your brand. Dynamic photos and videos will also attract more attention.

With our software for info screens it is easy to do and present new content on the store’s screens. You can be wherever in the world to update content and publish it on specific screens. Even if you use a laptop or mobile phone, you can always edit and update your screen content.

You can also assign rights to the employees in the store so that they have access to change some of the content. They can be added with different rights, so you have full control over what happens to the screens. The employee can also have access to specific screens of your choice.

One of the great benefits of digital displays is that they are so much more dynamic than the old posters. With our software in your screens, you can easily set up to run different content at different times of the day, and you can set up content that is only displayed under special weather conditions.

For special campaign days, we can also set up special content for the event. This can be, for example, interactive competitions where the customer participates through his mobile phone, where they play quiz, roulette or other activities

Most stores today have become very good at social media such as Facebook and Instagram. With our software you can connect to these sources and automatically display the latest content from social media. This makes it even easier for you to update your monitor regularly, and you get double-use of social media.

If you have other sources where it is possible to retrieve data directly into the screen, we can of course help you to connect this data to our systems and you will get it on screen.

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