Why businesses are switching to digital screen software

Digital screen software

Before we get to dive deep into why businesses choose a digital screen software, let’s have a quick rundown of everything. Call it a “TLDR” if you will. A digital screen software provides many benefits for businesses such as saving time and money, improving communication and collaboration, and promoting the business’s brand.

So, a Digital signage software can help businesses save time by automating tasks that would otherwise be done manually. Let’s use a business that wants to create and display automatic reports as an example. That business can now use digital screen software to create automatic reports or and schedule or edit it in advance before showing it. But the greatest part about a digital screen software is that anyone can use it. Wether you’re a small business, or a giant corporation. The digital screen softwares of today are flexible to fit your every need. But let’s revisit that later in the article. Time to dive deeper into the benefits of the digital screen software.

Improving communication and collaboration

Digital signage softwares can indeed improve communication and collaboration within a business. One of the ways it does this, is by providing a central place for employees to access information and making it easy to share files and documents. And the more obvious positive is the screens themselves displaying the content. With efficient use of digital signage you’re able to reach your target audience quickly with all the relevant information.

Let’s use a corporation as an example and have the target audience be their office workers. The digital screen software may then be used to display things such as KPI’s, health and safety routines, general updates regarding the company, news broadcasts or even the weather. And you can dive even deeper than that. Perhaps you have different departments and only want to show them relevant information. A digital screen software can help you solve that issue, and even help you show content based on dependencies such as time, weather etc. Now this is only one example, and we have 100s of different examples for businesses where digital signage can help the communication and collaboration inside a company. The limits are truly endless.

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Promote your brand

Another big part of why the digital screen software is gaining popularity among businesses is the brand building aspect. You’ve probably walked down the street or through a mall in recent times, and seen these digital notice boards for information or digital screens in retail stores. Next time you’re at a mall or walking down a busy street, I implore you to look around and actively see how many screens you see.

So what’s the big deal if it’s on a screen you might be thinking? Well, the people have spoken, and when comparing a digital signage advertising vs. a traditional poster 55 percent could recall the specific message displayed every time they passed a screen. And even though the screen itself might be an upfront investment, in the long run it can help the business save money and help save the environment. So much material is wasted constantly, as it always has to be replaced once a campaign is finished or new marketing material has been produced.

So ask yourself this, what would impress you more as a customer; watching a poster of a campaign or seeing a dynamic advertisement or video on a screen? The answer should be obvious. With the digital content you’re able to produce, the traditional poster will never stand a chance. Not only will it be more eye-catching but add the possibility to show a lot of different content on repeat, but also switch it to new ones or schedule it for different times of the day through a digital screen software.

On top of this, a digital screen software can also help you create the marketing materials and easily let you create the layouts you want. But why should a digital signage cms focus on that? The answer is simple.

Content. Is. King.

When it comes to digital signage for businesses, one of the most important things is having good content. You can convey your message beautifully, but if it doesn’t look good, the entire campaign might fail. So how do you create great content?

First off; when it comes to content for your digital signage, you need to find out what would work best for you. You want your campaign to be effective and engaging, so here are some steps you can take to determine what would work best for your campaign:

  1. Define your goals. What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Is it driving up sales? increasing brand awareness? Education? Having a clear goal in mind will make creating content much easier, and help you tailor that content to your audience.
  2. Knowing your audience. Understanding the audience you’re targeting is key, and will definitely be critical in creating effective content. Once you have a clear understanding, content creation will be easier.
  3. Strategize. Once you know both your goals and audience, you can create a strategy for your content that aligns with both. This strategy should outline things such as your message and tone of voice, how often it is refreshed, when it should be replaced etc.
  4. Test and optimize: Once the campaign is up and running, the work is not yet over. It’s essential to keep monitoring the performance of your campaign, and intervene with changes that might be needed.

Creating the content

So now you know what type of content you want to show, but just creating it might be easier said than done! Where do you go from here? Well, luckily there are several ways to get your content created. Such as;

The internet is filled with free content tools.

We’re on the internet where content is plentiful, and some really smart people have created great solutions to help you in creating the content you want. Solutions such as:

Canva – A user-friendly graphic design tool that offers templates and design elements. Things such as images, fonts, graphics and more are plentiful in their library.

Piktochart – A tool that specializes in creating infographics, charts and other visual data representations. It offers great templates for creating engaging and informative content.

Visme – A tool that enables you to create a range of visual content, including presentations and infographics, as well as Social Media graphics. It has a great drag and drop interface, which makes it a great tool for beginners.

Adobe – Everyone has heard of Adobe, with their solutions such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. These tools are industry-standard for creating professional quality graphics, illustrations and layouts.

Unsplash – A website that offers a vast library of free, high-quality images that you can use in your digital signage content.

Aside from these tools, there is always the options of turning to the professionals for help. Great artists are out there looking for work every day, and deserve your money just as much as these great softwares do. Got a vision for your digital signage content, but not sure how to pull it off? Ask a professional. They’ll work together with you to ensure you get to see your vision come true.

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Getting your beautiful content up on the screen.

So, your campaign is ready, the graphics are looking great, everything is ready to go. All that is left is getting your content displayed on a screen. Now what? This is where the digital screen software comes in. Picking one that works for your businesses might be easier said than done, but of course we would recommend to give us a try, as we pride ourselves in being a digital signage software solution for everyone. Regardless of your needs, SocialScreen can help you. Our software has a free trial period, where you get to test everything, build a package of integrations that fits exactly what you need, and only pay for that and nothing else.

Once that’s done, and the digital signage software has been hooked up to the screen where the content should be shown, all thats left is placement. You want to make sure the screen placement is ideal for your target audience.

Conclusion for digital signage software

If a CMS digital signage platform is something that sounds interesting to you and your business, you can reach us via mail, chat or phone! We’re available every weekday. If you want to tinker with the platform, to see what you can do, you can try the digital signage platform for free. You can get to it by clicking this link!

The trial period allows you to test and manage a variation of different slides and widgets. Hopefully you find what you want, and if something is missing that you would like to add, we’d love to hear your feedback!