The rise of the digital sign: How technology is changing the way we advertise

Digital signage LG skjerm

What are digital signs?

Digital sign, also known as digital signage, is a type of out-of-home advertising where content is displayed on digital screens in public places. It is a growing industry, with the global market for digital signage expected to reach $32.8 billion by 2025.

These signs are electronic displays that can show a variety of content, including text, images, video, and animation. They are mostly used for advertising, but can also be used for informational or directional purposes. Digital signs are also used by businesses all over the world for internal communication. It can be the key to improving internal communication significantly, which in certain businesses is crucial.

How are digital signs being used?

Digital signs are being used in a variety of ways, from businesses promoting sales and specials to schools and hospitals providing information and directions. They are also being used in more creative ways, such as art installations and interactive displays. An example from one of our customer cases, Norske Skog (Paper factory), is how they use the screens to communicate with different branches located several miles apart. SocialScreen has the ability to send different content to different screens, so Norske Skog uses it to send relevant information to their different offices.

The benefits

Digital signs offer a number of advantages over traditional signage, including the ability to change content quickly and easily, the ability to target specific audiences, and the ability to track engagement.

These digital screens can be, however, expensive to purchase and maintain. Additionally, they can be a distraction if not used properly. That’s why it’s important to have a flexible software in place, which can help you tailor the screen exactly how you want it. You can also look at popular digital signage campaigns to see what they did, and maybe find something that will help you attract more business.


Digital signs are likely to continue to grow in popularity, as they offer a flexible and effective way to communicate with the public. The demand for using digital signage in businesses is only growing. Not many know you can actually try a digital signage cms for free. We have a solution that is perfect for any business looking to start out. Create an account for free, and tailor exactly the kind of screen you want to use. Contact our support today, they’ll be happy to help out with any questions or a demo if that’s wanted.