Digital Signage Software

We at SocialScreen have developed our own software for several years. We do this to have full control and so we can offer the customers the best solution for their company. We want to be the best software supplier, and this is something we work on everyday.

Our software is simple, but advanced enough so that we can create solutions for everyone. You do not need to have any special knowledge, as most things explain themselves. Whether you want to upload finished content, or produce content in the publishing tool itself – both are possible. With SocialScreen’s software you can sit anywhere in the world, as long as you have Wifi, you can update information directly on screen.

Digital Signage CMS

Digital Signage is a term for displaying multimedia content on digital display surfaces, such as on screens. There are many different solutions available, ranging from something that is very simplified to something very advanced. This is something that allows the solutions to be adapted to the needs of the user. The possibilities are many, and you can show everything from a picture to database information, and everything in between. Digital Signage takes place during a local playback of content which is then published on screen, and which is controlled from a central location. This is done through various software solutions that are connected to a wider network. Such solutions can be found everywhere around you in everyday life, and have become part of everyday life without you necessarily noticing it. This can be advertising content displayed on screen or route information at a train station that is constantly updated.

Digital Screen Software

Our software solution in SocialScreen makes it possible to link content to the screen which will then show what you have chosen. Our software offers many solutions either if you want to show something very simple or if you want to show something more advanced data. Here you will have the opportunity to create content yourself or retrieve data that you have previously stored on your PC. This makes our solution suitable for everyone, regardless of technical understanding and background. We have developed the software so that users can try it out and be able to find out for themselves what and how they want to show their content. You can either choose to have our solution directly in the screen with a Digital Signage or connect to a Chrome box to the screen that will show the content you have created. As long as you are connected to the internet, the content on the screen will be updated and displayed.

Our software helps customers to present content either internally or if it is external to their customers. Showing internal content to employees will help the internal communication in the company, and here you have the opportunity to update the content anywhere in the world, at any time. What our customers are very happy with is that they have the opportunity to create content from scratch inside our system, but also be able to add finished material very easily. Customers also have the ability to connect / integrate their Google, Microsoft, Power BI and Facebook accounts so that they can display data linked to these accounts, which makes it easy for customers to retrieve data across channels. Our system makes it easy to have an overview of the screens you have and be able to see what is displayed on the screen at any given time.

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