Digital Signage Software for LG

Digital Signage from LG is designed for stunning visuals and functionality and to ultimate the user experience.

LG allows you to take advantage of Digital Signage to increase the power and reach of your brand. It can help you move your business to the next level by using LG Digital Signage. It will increase your sales and bring unexpected benefits to your business.LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business, and LG’s standard displays are optimized for different markets to meet diverse customer needs.

With outstanding visibility and reliable performance, it is the perfect outdoor solution for displaying both advertising and information, but very good indoor as well. Experience effective and entertaining LG Special Signages, designed to the particular requirements of the commercial environment.

LG Digital Signage Software

With our solution, you can connect your content directly in the LG Digital Signage and have it show on the screen. SocialScreen allows you to present your content from an app that is the LG screen and that makes it easy for the customer to connect and show their content. We order screens from LG to our customers and we make sure the screen is up and running. It is also possible for a customer to use an LG Screen that they have, but then the screen needs to be a Digital Signage and  support webos 4.0 from 2018 and onwards. By using SocialScreen through LG Digital Signage, you can easily show your content to your customers and co-workers.

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