Setting up a digital signage software in a LG Public Display

Applies to models produced after 2018, and uses a version of WebOS 4.0 or newer. Reach out to us if you’re unsure about your screen.

1. Set up your LG Public Display and connect it both the power source and the internet. The default language in the menu will be English, but you can change language to make it easier on yourself. Important: The date and time has to be entered correctly. Otherwise it might make some content difficult to show from our software.

2. Click the “Settings”-button on your remote control which belongs to the screen.

3. Under “EZ Settings” check that “Play via URL” is turned off.

4. Under “EZ Settings” you select “SI Server Settings”.

Digital skilting guide

5. Choose “SI Server Settings” again.

Digital skilting hjelp

6. Add the following settings:

Infoskjerm gjennomgang

7. Click “REMOTE” to install the app.

Server innstillinger for LG Display

8. Click “CONFIRM” when this is done.

Hjelpeguide til infoskjerm i LG display

9. Click “OK” and restart the screen or open the app from the menu.

Hjelpetekst og info for LG skjerm