Digital Signage for bars and restaurants

Screens in the bar or restaurant can help create extra atmosphere.

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Atmosphere and information

Done right, the info screens at nightclubs, bars and restaurants can help create the atmosphere you want. It adds something to the interior, while it can be informative to the guests. They can be both indoors and outdoors.

On the screen you can either create mood-creating images, information about special dishes you would recommend, or tell about upcoming activities to be arranged. You can also have clean menu screens to make this better visible.

Highlight social media

For the nightlife industry, social media is an important platform for bringing in customers. By automatically displaying content from social media on the info screens, you can engage your visitors to follow you, and thus be easier to communicate with afterwards.

Integrations and engagement

In our software we have several integrations that fit well with the nightlife industry. Used, for example, Spotify for music playback, so we have the ability to connect it to the screen and show which song is currently playing. With the integration of Untapped against the screens you can view both menus and what people checking in at your nightlife.

With these integrations, you get an engagement with the visitors and include them in the use of the screens.

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