Digital Signage in public services

With a massive need for information flow, monitors can be an effective aid!

Internal information flow

Digital signage in public services is a key part in maintaining good internal communication for businesses. In public offices with many employees, there is often a lot of information to be communicated to everyone who works there. With digital signage placed at strategic locations, the work of getting the information out can be easier. The screens can stand inside the offices and hang out at the various departments.

Here you can spread important messages to the employees, calendars about what will happen in the future, HSE videos and whatever you want. We have many integrations in place, and should there be anything missing in relation to your use, then we can look at the possibilities for integration of it.

Digital signage in kindergarten and school and other public services

A well-known challenge in kindergartens is for the employees to inform parents who are retrieving about everything they should have informed about. With digital signage in fetch areas it is easy to tell what the kindergarten has been doing this day, and possibly get messages to the parents.

The same area of ​​use has in school and after-school activities. In the lower classes you have the parents who bring the children, and in the upper classes you have messages directly to the students. They can often be useful to have a last message before leaving school about the day of skiing that will be tomorrow.

Reservation and use of resources for digital signage

Most public government bodies often have common resources such as meeting rooms and equipment. With digital signage in public services you will often find slightly different booking systems that will keep track of who has reserved what. Here we can connect to the different sources and present an overview on the screen of who has reserved what.

We also work on a larger update on this front, where we can for example capture who is booking a meeting room but does not use it for the time it is reserved for. This can help get rid of some of the overbooking that is going on by employees who are going to secure meeting rooms “in case” they need it.

Purchase agreements

Our delivery, if desired, can only consist of the software delivery, so that public entities can use pre-existing on-screen and off-the-shelf purchase agreements. We often enter into a joint purchasing agreement on the central unit so that all sub-units can connect to the common agreement.

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