Digital Signage for companies

Digital signage is an effective way to give information to your employees!

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Simple flow of information

If you have many departments around the country, it can be a challenge to get the information out to all employees. With info screens placed around the different locations, you have an easy and efficient way to give the information. It’s easy and simple to upload information and update.

With our info screens software, you can sit anywhere in the world and on any device and post new information on the screens. Whether it is in the office, at home or on vacation.

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Security in focus

All information from server to info screen goes through encrypted channels, and we have a very great focus on security. This means that no one else can get in and change what is displayed on the screen.

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Different roles and rights

You can easily control the roles and rights of the various contributors. Everything from what content they can post, to which screens they have access.

You can give the marketing department access to publish content on screens facing the audience, while the HR department may have access to publish content on screens intended for employee information.

Continuous deployment

Our software is flexible and scalable. We can easily start at a location, and connect to new locations
continuously. Contact our sales department, and we will find a solution to how your company can get
started with info screens.

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