First thing you need to do to connect SocialScreen’s CMS to your screen, is to identify what type of screen it is.

Both which model and brand. From there, all you have to do is make the choice of how you want to connect the software. That’s the easiest part. Down below you can see our recommendations when it comes to hardware, and how to get your Digital Signage Software connected to a screen.

Order your hardware through the links below, or contact sales to get an offer of the equipment you need!

Amazon Fire 4k Stick

The Amazon Fire 4k Stick is a great and cheap alternative to easily connect and get your content on a screen.

Raspberry Pi4 8GB

The Raspberry Pi is known for being a machine that can do it all. So of course it can get your digital signage up and running.

Asus Chromebox 3

Planning on using more demanding and heavy content on your screens? Then we recommend this solid machine.

Got a player or wondering if you should order one, but unsure of how easy it is to set up SocialScreen?

Check out out help centre for more information.

Screen Examples

Samsung 65″ 4K

The Samsung 65″ is a great public display with 500 nits. Perfect for getting started with signage, without being too expensive. Contact us for pricing or click below for more information regarding Samsungs Public Displays.

LG 55″ 4K

With a brightness of 500 cd/m², the screen creates an impressive experience and captivates the audiences attention. Ideal to use in areas such as meeting rooms, airports, shops and shopping centres etc. Click below for more information regarding LG displays.

Samsung OMN-D 55″

A two-sided window screen, specially made for businesses and shop windows. Contact us for pricing, or click below for more information on other creative screen alternatives for your business and signage needs.

Operating Systems we support


Click for a simple Android guide for digital signage.


Click for a simple iOS guide for digital signage.


Click for a simple Windows guide for your digital signage.

Digital signage as an environmentally friendly solution

SocialScreen supports the green change, and we strive to support using screens and hardware that the customer already has. Digital signage is not only good for businesses in terms of marketing and communication, but it can also be good for the environment. There are several environmental benefits of digital signage such as energy consumption, material use, transportation emissions, and electronic waste. SocialScreen’s digital signage software supports eco-mode for our hardware. It has settings available for most screens to turn off when they are not in use, or to go black during certain periods of time to help save energy consumption.

We have apps that support running directTV inside newer WebOS and Tizen screens, and we have apps for many of the popular systems; Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry PI etc. This makes our software adaptable to most screens on the market, including screens you already have. So if you have an old screen laying around that you were going to get rid of, check if it might support SocialScreen’s digital signage software!

Want to use and old screen, and an old computer to run it? No problem! The same goes for the old PC as it does for the screen. Check the guide at the top of the page to figure out how you want to solve connect the SocialScreen software.

any hardware can run SocialScreen

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