How to install SocialScreen on Samsung SSSP10

First time starting your screen: Follow the steps below for guidance

1. Choose language: English

2. Set up internet connection

3. Accept terms and conditions

4. Choose “Basic Setup”

5. Choose “Portrait” (standing), “Landscape” (lying down) or “auto” (automatic)

6. Set auto power off to “Off”

7. Choose “Custom App” and put in:

8. Choose “Go”, and then the right arrow on the remote control

9. Choose “Skip” on the Connect to RM Server option

10. Select the date and time (very important that this is correct), then the right arrow on the remote control

11. Set a PIN

12. Choose “Done”

13. You must now access the Menu button again and select “Custom App” if the screen has gone black

14. The SocialScreen App will now be uploaded and an activation code/QR code will appear at the bottom left of your screen

The following takes place from your PC:

1. Log in to the system from your PC by typing in your browser

2. Inside the system, you will have a menu on the left side where you have a choice called “Screens”, press this.

    Enter the code and give the screen a name, remember to save.

3. You can now create a “Playlist” with the desired content from the “Slider” option

    (if you need help with this, there is a “Product presentation” video at the bottom of the “Dashboard” page).

4. Press “screens” and select your screen. On the right-hand side, enter which playlist you want to display and press “save”.

5. Then everything is set up and ready! Feel free to turn your screen off and on to see that content starts playing automatically on startup.