Setting up digital signage software in Windows

There are several ways to set up a good info screen solution in Windows.

Full screen browser

  1. Open a browser on the computer (preferably Google Chrome, but most modern browsers should work)
  2. Go to the address
  3. Press “F11” to go to full screen
  4. You have now connected the PC to use SocialScreen. Please note that this is only displayed as a web page, and that other things such as windows update may get in the way. It also won’t start automatically.

Secure Lockdown

One app we can recommend for Windows is Secure Lockdown Browser Edition from Inteset. It is not free, but in return gives the opportunity to lock down the entire machine to only run the info screen from SocialScreen.

Follow the instructions from Inteset and use as the web address to load.
Also make sure to turn off all clearing of cache and local storage from the system.