Information Screens

Digital signage is an effective way to give information to your customers and/or employees. With digital signage in your store you can increase both sales and customer experience, in the public services and in companies where there is a massive need for information flow, monitors can be an effective aid.

In restaurants/nightclubs/bars you can create mood-creating images, information about special dishes you would recommend, or tell about upcoming activities to be arranged.You can also have clean menu screens to make this better visible.

Digital signage on trade shows will attract more attention.With our plug-in play solution, it is easy to bring your info screen to trade shows. It’s just plugging in the power and the internet, then it’s up. If there are difficulties with regard to the internet, then we also have a solution where you can connect to the mobile network on the device.

We recommend preparing the contents in advance so that everything is ready for playback as soon as the screen is mounted on the stand. If you want help with producing good content to display on the screen, then we and our partners can of course help with it! If you are often at trade shows, we recommend ordering a portable stand instead of the usual wall mount. In this way it becomes even easier to take the screen with you when going out on a trip. We also have flight cases with automatic lift, so you can transport the screen safely and well, and just hoist it up from the case when it is to be used.

Digital Information Screens

When it comes to chain stores, there is a difference between how they want to operate. Some want to control the screens from the chain office, some want the store to fully control their screens and some want to have master management from the chain office with the opportunity to make some changes locally.

Our software makes it possible to set this up as desired for each chain. Most chains choose to manage the campaigns and the main content themselves, while each store adds extra content based on local factors.One of the great benefits of digital displays is that they are so much more dynamic than old posters. With our software to your screens, you can easily set up to run different content at different times of the day, and you can set up content that is only displayed under special weather conditions.

For special campaign days, we can also set up special content for the event. This can be interactive competitions where the customer participates via his mobile phone, where they play quiz, roulette or other activities, for example.

Most stores today have become very good at social media such as Facebook and Instagram. With our software you can connect to these sources and automatically display the latest content from social media. This makes it even easier for you to update your monitor regularly, and you get double-use of social media.

If you have other sources where it is possible to retrieve data directly into the screen, then we can of course help you to connect this data to our systems and you will get it on screen.