Using the browser to show SocialScreen

Using your screens built-in-browser to show SocialScreen should in theory work just fine. It depends on what model and brand the screen is, and how modern the browser itself is. There is a lot of variables when it comes to the different screens that exist, so we recommend everyone to make a quick Google search for the model and brand you have to find the necessary information regarding your browser.

As soon as you have opened the browser on your screen, write in the URL “” in the URL-field. Follow the instructions from here to display the content on your screen!

If this doesn’t work we offer Chromeboxes to all our customers for a reasonable price. This will help you publish your content on any screen. Regardless, we always recommend using digital signage screens for displaying content as it’s made to be switched on for long periods of time. It also uses the best resolution of full HD (1920 x 1080). Regular Smart-TV’s won’t always be optimal when displaying the screen, as there might be models that will have difficulties showing the content in full screen, and they are not made for staying switched on for 16-24 hours at a time. This means the longevity of the screens are hampered.